Sacked steward to be reinstated


    QUEENSLAND’S Industrial Relations Commission has ordered chief steward David Farquharson be reinstated.

    In a judgment delivered this afternoon, QIRC President Adrian Bloomfield ruled in favour of Farquharson while ordering he be reinstated as of his sacking date – February 24, 2017.

    In a massive windfall for Farquharson, he is to be paid all money lost as a result of the sacking and his contract of employment is to be deemed continuous.

    After being stood down in December 2016, Farquharson was sacked by the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission’s Ross Barnett following allegations made about Farquharson’s behaviour during a stewards’ inquiry several months earlier.

    Farquaharson denied any wrong doing and despite two ‘show cause’ notices, was dismissed, which led to his appeal to the QIRC.

    Farquharson has made it clear he plans to return to his former position, with Bloomfield calling on all parties to put aside the past and move forward in a professional manner.

    “While my decision might be inconvenient and disappointing to Mr Barnett, I consider he is capable of re-establishing an appropriate and professional working relationship with Mr Farquharson,” Bloomfield said.



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