Opening APG Sale a real page turner


    IT’S funny, the thought of reading a thick book of nothing but text was a pure brain drain during school years – especially as a teenager.

    Yet at this time of the season we all love getting our hands on a page-turner, which is filled with roughly 600 pages of text!

    To be a little more precise, the book is the Australian Pacing Gold catalogue.

    Having put some spare coin aside, the annual read-a-thon is a must as we search for the next superstar.

    APG’s 2018 round of sales kicks off in Brisbane on January 28, with 45 well-bred yearlings scheduled to enter the sales ring.

    Breaking down to 27 colts, 17 fillies and a gelding, the crew stem from a host of highly-successful families, with Group One winners littered throughout the line-up.

    If that’s not enough to entice some spirited bidding, they are also by leading stallions such as Art Major, Auckland Reactor, Betterthancheddar, Mr Feelgood, Rock N Roll Heaven and Roll With Joe to name a few.

    Selecting one example at random – Lucky Number Seven – happens to be the sole gelding in the Sale, which is by Art Major from Tatachilla.

    Art Major requires no introduction, while Tatachilla boasts a perfect record from four starters.

    Another example, Lot 36 – picked deliberately as a childhood house number – is a filly by Betterthancheddar from Gina Gina.

    This is the matron’s first foal, which comes from a clan littered with top mares such as Sassy Sarah, Sassy Gina and Born Again Sassy.



    1. I have been a “Student” of Bloodlines/Breeding for near on 40 years, I have studied, in depth, the past 25 years of catalogues, from ALL Sales ‘Standard-bred’…LONG story short, The year of 2018, is THE BEST CHANCE, anyone can get, obtaining a racehorse…..Whatever their budget.
      There IS A HORSE FOR YOU….colts fillies and even geldings….
      Some, will, obviously go for big money (and there will be MORE. of them this year. than ever before) however, those like me, that are looking for What might be called “a cheapy” or “A Bargain” ect, follow YOUR instincts, sit on your hands, OR NOT (depending how deep your pockets are?) until the one you want comes thru, AND GO FOR IT…it may go for a few thousand MORE than you expected, but if you have done your homework, YOU can “Beat” the money men” !!!…the Past sales are full of them!…
      P.S. I have NO AFFLIATION with anyone in Harness racing, THIS is just my Opinion!…
      Good Luck to You All. Buyers and Sellers!…
      Kev Smith


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