Squirrel grip assault charges pending


    ASSAULTED charges are pending following an incident at Globe Derby during the weekend.

    Having entered the Secretary’s Office to pay his club fees, trainer Peter Bain also inquired about the minutes from last Tuesday’s South Australian Harness Racing Club AGM.

    Bain’s interest stems from the proposed sale of 70 per cent of the club’s land to a developer, which would lead to the demolition of the current facilities ahead of new structures being erected.

    Bain is part of a growing band of members who oppose the sale and the manner in which the meeting was conducted.

    Having overheard the request for paperwork, a SAHRC committee member is alleged to have ‘fronted’ Bain before hurling abuse.

    “After I asked for the notes from the meeting the committee member starting swearing and abusing me,” Bain said.

    The committee member is then reported to have moved forward, standing toe-to-toe with Bain before grabbing and twisting the horseman’s testicles.

    “He came about six metres forward to be standing right in my face, with our noses touching,” Bain said. “While he was going off he said he was going to put me on my arse so hard I wouldn’t get up for a week.

    “I put my hands behind my back to show I wasn’t going to resort to violence, but he lunged at me, grabbed my knackers and gave a severe twist.

    “He then started calling me all sorts of obscenities in front of everyone who was there.”

    As a result of the incident and associated pain, Bain has made a report with the chairman of stewards, the Police and had to visit his local doctor.

    “I have spoken to the chairman of stewards, who has interviewed others in the room,” Bain said. “I’ve also spoken to Police who said it is an assault charge waiting.

    “I’m yet to decide whether I will proceed with assault charges at this stage.”



    1. Charge him. That is no excuse to attack someone. Should be able to talk things out, man to man. Not like 10 year olds.
      That bloke should also be fired from his job never to return. How crass and undignified.


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