Recordings played in ‘Cobram crew’ case


    WITH the pendulum constantly swinging in their case, damning evidence was heard against the co-accused in the Shepparton Magistrates yesterday.

    Nathan Jack, Amanda Turnbull, Mark Pitt and Lisa Bartley are in court accused of fixing the outcome of a race.

    The quartet, which were arrested during Breeders’ Crown Day at Melton last year, have pleaded not guilty to all charges relating to a race at Cobram on June 22, 2015.

    Harness Racing Victoria originally opened the inquiry into a race before handing over the ‘reins’ to Police.

    Satisfied they had grounds to move forward, detectives arrested the ‘Cobram Crew’, while also confiscated several phones.

    During yesterday’s session, the prosecution played Police recordings of Jack and Pitt discussing the alleged plot.

    Pitt was played the recording during a police interview, which prompted him to respond with: “He said he would lead and I would follow…at a fast pace.”

    Pitt’s response was also played to court, with the Pitt recording including him admitting to informing Bartley.

    The court was also shown texts between Pitt and Bartley, which allegedly reveal they were monitoring the odds leading up to the race.

    Pitt wrote: “Metro (Airbornemagic’s stable name) is at $15 now,” the court heard, with Bartley’s response “Maybe Nathan and Brocq (Robertson) backed him already.”

    In another text Turnbull allegedly wrote “Did you tell Nathan to bet for you?” to which Pitt replied “yep”.

    Pitt’s defense lawyer cross examined detectives while stating the manner of the Police interview was inappropriate.

    Last week representatives from Bet365 and Ladbrokes discussed how Airbornemagic was backed from $35 to $3.60.

    The case, which began last week and is scheduled for a 10-day hearing, will continue today.



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