Phenomenal effort as Teal goes international

    Victorian ambassadors Jodi Quinlan and Kerryn Manning

    FOLLOWING the huge success of the Teal Pants Campaign earlier this year, the fundraiser is going international.

    The Teal Pants Team originated in Victoria as the brainchild of Michael Taranto and Duncan McPherson in honour of McPherson’s wife, Lyn, who lost her battle to ovarian cancer in 2010.

    Growing in stature to also include New South Wales, the Teal Pants ‘drive’ went national last season with the help of Harness Racing Australia.

    As such, every reinswomen in Australia raised money with each triumph between February 1 and March 11 – Lyn McPherson Breed For Speed night at Melton.

    The leading ladies won an incredible 290 raised while raising more than $120,000.

    South Australia’s Dan Hill notched an amazing 32 wins to not only lead the local crew, but the national table as well.

    From just 14 race meetings, Hill has made her way into the winners’ circle during 12 of the programs.

    “To have each state embracing the Teal Pants concept was amazing,” McPherson said. “It goes further than just raising money, which is needed to research and care, it lifts the awareness of ovarian cancer as well.

    “During the same period we were hearing and seeing a lot about AFL’s Women’s League, and even the women’s 20/20 cricket, but the women of harness racing have been leading the way in sport for a long time.

    “It was fantastic to have all the reinswomen jumping on board with the help of administrators, making my wife’s wish is continuing to come true.”

    In what can only be described as phenomenal, New Zealand is poised to be involved in the Teal Pants Campaign this season.

    Having selected three ambassadors – Samantha Ottley (Canterbury), Sheree Tomlinson (Southland), and Nicky Chilcott (North Island) – Harness Racing New Zealand is aiming to emulate Australia by having every reinswoman drive in teal coloured pants during the campaign.

    The ambassadors will also wear specially-designed Ovarian Cancer teal silks.



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