Driver’s family suing track after fall


    THE family of a driver who was severely injured in a race fall is suing the host club for negligence.

    With their case to begin this week, Anthony Coletta’s representatives have instigated legal proceedings after the South Jersey reinsman nearly died as the result of a horrific race fall at Harrah’s Philadelphia.

    Coletta was left paralyzed and permanently brain damaged after being catapulted from the sulky, crashing to the ground and the trampled by a horse following him in what caused a chain-reaction through the field.

    Through their lawyer, Coletta’s family blamed poor track conditions.

    Attorney Bob Mongeluzzi will present a case stating trainers, drivers and even administrators had raised concerns about the safety of the track for an extensive period before Coletta’s fall.

    Part of the evidence will allege the track hadn’t been resurfaced since its opening in 2006, with the lawsuit including claims drivers had warned officials of a potential disaster due to the track’s condition.

    Coletta, who was engaged at the time of the crash, has been declared incapacitated and lives with his parents, Alfred and Rosemary, who provide around the clock care for the wheelchair-bound former driver.



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