Disqualification to animal cruelty


    STEWARDS have concluded an inquiry which resulted from criminal convictions being recorded against licenced Tasmanian horseman Keith Toulmin in Launceston Magistrates Court last month.

    At the inquiry, stewards considered invoking AHRR 267(1) and AHRR 267(2) which relate to licenced persons being disqualified as a result of criminal convictions.

    Toulmin attended the Inquiry and after giving consideration to submissions made by him and after considering the very serious nature of the animal welfare offences, stewards determined to invoke AHRR 267(2) in relation to a conviction of aggravated cruelty.  Stewards also invoked AHRR 267(1) in respect of a conviction for animal cruelty and for failing to comply with instructions given to Mr Toulmin by the RSPCA.

    In determining penalty, stewards were mindful of the seriousness of the charges which had a significant adverse impact upon the reputation of Harness Racing.

    Stewards were also mindful that any penalty imposed act as a significant deterrent for breaches of animal welfare standards which are of paramount importance in harness racing. Toulmin’s licence history and personal circumstances were also taken into account.

    Penalty 1 – AHRR 267(2), In relation to the 1st charge, aggravated cruelty, Toulmin’s harness racing licences were disqualified for 5 years.  Which was back dated to commence on 29 August 2017 and expire 29 August 2022.

    Penalty 2 – AHRR 267(1) –Animal cruelty.  Toulmin’s harness racing licences were disqualified for 2 years to be served cumulative to penalty 1, commencing on 29 August 2022 and expiring 29 August 2024.

    Penalty 3 – AHRR 267(1) – Fail to comply with instructions issued by the RSPCA.  Mr Toulmin’s harness racing licences were disqualified for 2 years to be served concurrent to penalty 2.

    In total Toulmin was disqualified for 7 years.

    Orders were also made to Toulmin and the registered owners of horses currently in his care that those horses be removed within seven days.

    • Tasracing Media


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