Belgium’s chance to get the chocolates


    BELGIUM representative Rik Depuydt is in a strong position to earn good points during the fourth round of the World Driving Championship.

    Eleven star drivers from around the globe are in the thick of the action as the series travels throughout Canada, with competitors earning points based on their finishing position as they chase the title of World Driving Champion.

    America’s Marcus Miller topped the table after the opening round during the weekend, with the second set of heats being conducted at Mohawk this afternoon.

    Competitors will head to Georgian Downs – home of Canada’s James MacDonald – tomorrow for the third round.

    Hippodrome 3R in Trois-Rivières, Quebec is the scene of the fourth round on Wednesday, with Depuydt receiving several plumb draws.

    Depuydt will kick-start the heats with Loves A Challenge, which has drawn the pole – sadly, for the Aussies, Shane Graham will come from 10!

    Depuydt will then partner Kim Sorel and Noloseblues, which have both drawn gate three.

    Life gets a little tougher for Depuydt in the final leg, with P L Gyro to start from nine.


    World Driving Championship

    1. Loves A Challenge – Rik Depuydt (Belgium)
    2. Eataam Whosurboy – Gerhard Mayr (Austria)
    3. Negligent Hanover – Mark Purdon (New Zealand)
    4. Lacaille Gabe – Noel Baldacchino (Malta)
    5. Maracasso – Marcus Miller (USA)
    6. Ninoscredit – James MacDonald (Canada)
    7. Imagine Speed – Dexter Dunn (Defending Champion / New Zealand)
    8. Taylor B Swift – Bjorn Goop (Sweden)
    9. First Shot – Eirik Hoitomt (Norway)
    10. Cabernet Seelster – Shane Graham (Australia)
    11. Fire Luck – Mika Forss (Finland)


    World Driving Championship

    1. (PP5) Holiday Spirit – Eirik Hoitomt (Norway)

    1A. (PP7) Tymal Recap – Marcus Miller (USA)

    1. (PP1) SOS Justice – Dexter Dunn (Defending Champion / New Zealand)
    2. (PP2) Kim Sorel – Rik Depuydt (Belgium)
    3. (PP3) Chinnys Wings – Mika Forss (Finland)
    4. (PP4) Crown Point – Gerhard Mayr (Austria)
    5. (PP6) Echos Funky Claude – Mark Purdon (New Zealand)
    6. (PP8) Tuscans Memory – Noel Baldacchino (Malta)
    7. (PP9) Y S Suzanne – Shane Graham (Australia)
    8. (PP10) Abundasass – Bjorn Goop (Sweden)
    9. (PP11) Federal Strike – James MacDonald (Canada)


    World Driving Championship

    1. Shanghai B G – Mika Forss (Finland)
    2. Iron Phil – Mark Purdon (New Zealand)
    3. Noloseblues – Rik Depuydt (Belgium)
    4. Terror Suspect – Bjorn Goop (Sweden)
    5. Jolts Prayer – Dexter Dunn (Defending Champion / New Zealand)
    6. Orator – Noel Baldacchino (Malta)
    7. Now What Hanover – James MacDonald (Canada)
    8. Dont Tell Mom – Shane Graham (Australia)
    9. Davinci Seelster – Marcus Miller (USA)
    10. Tickle My Fantasy – Gerhard Mayr (Austria)
    11. Old Fashioned Gal – Eirik Hoitomt (Norway)

    World Driving Championship

    1. Wine After Five – Mark Purdon (New Zealand)
    2. Hard Rock – Dexter Dunn (Defending Champion / New Zealand)
    3. Jds Caleb Man – Shane Graham (Australia)
    4. Danzig Moon – Eirik Hoitomt (Norway)
    5. Tidewater Tomahawk – Noel Baldacchino (Malta)
    6. Wild River Swan – Mika Forss (Finland)
    7. Appleby Hanover – Bjorn Goop (Sweden)
    8. Astreos Boy – Gerhard Mayr (Austria)
    9. P L Gyro – Rik Depuydt (Belgium)
    10. Winoc Jimmy – James MacDonald (Canada)
    11. Road Warrior – Marcus Miller (USA)


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