All Stars teach Young Guns a lesson


    AFTER talking the talk, leading horseman Ryan Hryhorec has walked the walk.

    During the lead up to last night’s Globe Derby program, Hryhorec kick-started the friendly banter as his team of All Stars was preparing to clash with South Australia’s Young Guns, which included his niece, Kaela.

    Referring to the opposition as “wet behind the ears” youngster who need “training wheels” on their sulkies, Hryhorec had no doubt his team would emerge triumphant.

    Leading by example, Hryhorec won the first two races of the series, setting up the victory for the All Stars.

    Hryhorec scored with Queen Of Sharkz and Royal Safari, with the All Stars filling the quinella in both races.

    Despite a double from the Young Guns’ Ken Rogers behind Crystal Sparkles and Atomic War Lord, Hryhorec and company claimed bragging rights as predicted.

    The All Stars included Dani Hill, Scott Ewen, Wayne Hill and Lisa Ryan.

    “It was never in doubt,” Hryhorec said. “There was never a chance of us losing!

    “Like I said during the week, I hope the bar had plenty of milk in bottles so the youngsters can drown their sorrows.”

    Hoofnote: The result was closer than Hryhorec wants to admit, with the All Stars scoring by a point!



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