Amazing tally of wins for Team Teal

    TEAL Pants Campaign launch - Photo Ashlea Brennan

    WHAT else can be said except – THANK YOU!

    Since this photo was taken to mark the launch of the Teal Pant Campaign, harness racing participants throughout the nation have done a tremendous job raising valuable funds and awareness for the Women’s Cancer Foundation – Ovarian Institute.

    The picture is question was snapped at Melton on February 1 – 39 days ago – and since then, Australia’s reinswoman have won an incredible 288 races at an average of more than seven wins a day!

    Tonight marked the end of the campaign, with special functions at Melton and Albion Park, but the industry’s leading ladies were too busy to attend the gala events as they registered 12 victories for the evening – including a quintet by Dani Hill at Globe Derby.

    Money is raised via each win by a reinswoman, with the various state governing bodies, along with corporate sponsors, donating a set amount per victory.

    As a result of the incredible tally, more than $110,000 has been raised between the states.

    The final total will be much higher once the proceeds from the two functions are added to the bankroll.



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