Teal Pants reaches fantastic milestone


    EVERY reinswoman in Australia can hold her head high…

    Just two weeks into the Women’s Cancer Foundation – Ovarian Institute Teal Pants campaign, the industry’s leading ladies have registered more than 100 wins!

    The fundraiser kick-started on February 1 and will continue until March 11, with the bankroll expected to burst through the $100,000 barrier.

    Funds are raised via each state’s governing bodies, along with corporate sponsors, which are donating a set amount per win.

    As of this morning, the tally is sitting on $39,800 – which does not include additional money from personal sponsors.

    Following the previous success of the fundraiser in Victoria and New South Wales, the Teal Pants ‘drive’ has gone national this season thanks to help from Harness Racing Australia.

    As such, Queensland’s Brittany Graham had the honour of completing the century when she scored with Caesar Court at Redcliffe last night.

    “Proud” to be a part of the campaign, Graham stated she is thrilled to bring up the milestone.

    “It’s an amazing achievement for all the reinswomen to have reached 100 wins so quickly,” Graham said. “To be the driver who brought up the century is pretty special.

    “I had a bit of slow start too and I was a bit worried, but I am proud to be a part of it and get a few wins now.”

    Along with her state-pledged earnings, Graham has arranged several sponsors to help the tally grow.

    “It is such a great cause, so I wanted to do everything I could,” Graham said. “So I put out a notice on social media and have had a few people come on board.

    “There are a number donating money for each win, with Seelite Windows and Doors the biggest at $100 a win.

    “I’ve also had Pyne Guild Guiness from New Zealand donate $1000 and a person who wants to remain anonymous, but they know who they are, donate $750.”



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