Extreme heat causes meeting delay


    IN RELATION to its UBET SA Cup race meeting tomorrow night, HRSA has been closely monitoring weather conditions. The revised forecast for Globe Derby Park tomorrow is 40 degrees, which will decrease to 35 degrees at 7.30pm with a further change expected throughout the night.

    The safety and welfare of participants, officials, horses and patrons is of paramount concern. Therefore as part of our deliberations, we have considered a range of factors which are detailed in our ‘adverse heat policy’.

    Taking these factors into account, the race meeting has been put back one hour with the first race now commencing at 6.42pm.

    The following other actions have been implemented:

    • all horses will be checked upon arrival and after each race by veterinary surgeons;
    • additional swab attendants which will avoid delays with horses waiting to be swabbed;
    • air conditioners in the swab boxes have been serviced and are fully operational. These air conditioned swab boxes can also be used by any horses needing relief;
    • hoses in the wash bays will pass through chilled water to cool the water; and
    • the time required for horses to be in the parade ring will be shortened.

    There will also be bottled iced water for all participants in the stalls area and drivers rooms.

    Finally, we look forward to an outstanding night of harness racing for the 2017 UBET SA Cup race meeting.

    • HRSA Media


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