SA to receive new chairperson


    SOUTH Australia is poised to become the latest state to receive a new chairperson.

    During the past six months, New South Wales and Victoria have seen changes to the head of the board, with SA to join the list at the end of September.

    With his term coming to an end, Mark Carey will vacate the position after four years in the role.

    Carey joined HSRA’s board as the country clubs’ representative, with the Association voting to change direction as of October.

    As such, Gary Crocker will be nominated for the board, but will not fill Carey’s vacancy as chairman.

    A prominent breeder, Crocker is best known these days as the owner of Inter Dominion Consolation winner, Major Crocker.

    Association President Mick Darling explained the process which led to the decision to elect Crocker.

    “Each club gets a vote on who will represent the Association,” Darling said. “As President of the Association I didn’t vote on behalf of Port Pirie and passed that duty on to our Vice President.

    “In the end the result is the members of the Association want new blood on the board.”

    During his time at the helm Carey faced numerous challenges…non more crucial than the battle to keep harness racing on SKYChannel.

    A passionate industry identity, Carey owns a large team, which he plans to maintain as he continues his connection with the sport.

    “During the past four years the board has worked tirelessly for the betterment of harness racing in South Australia and has had to deal with some large obstacles,” Carey said.

    “I’m proud of the work that has been done and what has been achieved in the face of adversity such as coverage of our product.

    “I have 35 to 40 horses and my passion for harness racing will keep going strong.”



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