Desperate attempt to save promising pacer


    EARLIER this month harness racing was placed in the social media spotlight by a person posted photos of a horse’s demise after being caught in mud surrounding a drying dam.

    The graphic images of former handy trotter Loveyougoodboy dying of dehydration were shared almost 1000 times in less than 48 hours!

    Naturally people went into ‘outrage’ mode, questioning the owner’s duty of care, and as usual, the activists against racing were also using the case to push their agenda, with remarks such as “get this in the media to ban racing” splashed across Facebook.

    Such is the way of the world – especially via portals such as Facebook and Twitter – negativity spreads rapidly as ‘keyboard warriors’ jump on the bandwagon.

    Yet a case involving a desperate attempt to save a pacer, is gaining little attention – especially from the anti-racing sector.

    For the past 24 hours staff at Lance Justice’s stable have worked hectically to comfort promising performer Love Ina Chevy – yet Justice’s Facebook post has only been shared five times!

    Puncture wounds on LOVE INA CHEVY'S mouth
    Puncture wounds on LOVE INA CHEVY’S mouth

    After finding the gelding collapsed, Justice discovered puncture marks in his mouth, with a snake bite the obvious conclusion.

    Since then, every measure has been taken to make Love Ina Chevy as comfortable as possible, including blow-up mattresses and a staff member remaining by his side throughout the night.

    Even last night’s thunder and lightning storm failed to halt the ‘save Chevy’ operation, with a makeshift tent erected above the ailing son of Jeremes Jet.

    JASON FINO on night shift
    JASON FINO on night shift

    “I picked him up from Ballarat on Friday and they said he had been lying down, but he got up and seemed alright when we got him home…he even ate all his dinner,” Justice said. “The next morning, one of the staff found him collapse at about 5am and we’ve been trying to save him since.

    “He has some puncture wounds in his mouth, so it appears a snake has bitten him. I was supposed to be at Tabcorp Park with Smoken Up, but I missed it to be with him as he has fluid in his lungs and needs to be turned over every two hours.

    “Jason Fino took Smoken Up to the track, then stayed here with us until 2am. Sam Flourentzou was meant to go out for a romantic dinner for his birthday, but has stayed with the horse all night instead.

    HELPING with circulatuion
    HELPING with circulation

    “We made a sling and got an excavator here to lift him and put some weight on his leg to keep the circulation going.

    “He’s still a pretty sick horse, but we won’t be giving up will keep doing everything we can for him.”

    Sadly, those who question the treatment of horses within stables will never fully understand the love and respect shown to the equine ‘family’, but no doubt will make their voices heard the next time it suits them!




    1. Don’t doubt there are many fantastic owners in all disciplines but there are some pretty awful ones as well. I didn’t read the article about the horse in mud so I won’t comment but I hope that Chevy makes a full recovery – fantastic what the owners and supporters are doing for him.

    2. To those who say ban racing, trainers and owners love the sport also their horses to will go to ends of the earth for them to look after them, if they get hurt or die they feel it hard ive seen it. so why ban racing ?

    3. From the greyhound world we support you and wishing you all the best. Dont listen to the assholes who say your not doing whats best for chevy. I lthink you are all angels if l lived near you l to would lend a hand. Come on racing world give a fellow trainer your support.

    4. To thise keyboard worriers f off until u no the whole story have had trouble with them myself u only make the situation witse u never praise what has and is being done only the negative fingers xed for your baby hope everything turns out ok

    5. This is a huge shame, but has nothing to do with a “retired” horse starving / dehydrating to death after getting stuck while trying to get at water. Hope this guy pulls through- hang in there team

    6. I hope he makes it. Yes racing cops it all the time because it is high profile and these people love that. The other day I witnessed camels that had been floated down from way up past Yeppoon and I left at 4 in the morning and one was in the back of the cramped truck the other tied at its side with maybe half a metre of lead when I returned home same at 10am when I left later that day same and the same the next morning. GC council had them down for their Australia day in the park and there were empty enclosures for some time but the camels did not get access to that or to stretch their legs. Did anybody give a shit no because not high profile won’t generate publicity. You see many things that don’t make the papers, news etc that are despicable acts but its not high profile enough for the activists.

    7. we had our young foal about 12 years ago went down with tick poisoning a lot of heartache and $$$ later he is still with us the story reminded me of what we went through over that 3 days or so the mattress, the sling and crane at the vets I feel for you guys heres hoping he will be ok

    8. All I can say is, a huge cheer for everyone who is giving up everything to help this poor horse out. I hope all of the hard work and care pays off!

      And screw what the animal rights activists, they only want to talk about the topics that suit them.

    9. You guy’s are wonderful I’d do the same thing . All snake’s should be culled . And people should get there fingers off there keybours and maybe offer to help different story it it was one of there own ? . And stop being so bloody rude . Hope he’s going to be okay . I’m prying for him my hat goes off to you guy’s xxx please keep us updated

    10. Paul Courts defending the indefensible with the use of exclamation marks is not good PR.
      Well done Lance and Co but hopefully this would be an inherent duty of care.

    11. I am sorry for Chevy, glad he is getting such attentive care but remain outraged by the needless suffering endured by Loveyougoodboy. I am no animal activist but I cant abide cruelty and denial of responsibility.

    12. Gosh I hope he gets better with all the care he is being given. I know how difficult it is. We saved a young heifer a couple of years ago, turning her back and forth and finally got her into a sling with the forklift, so she could feel weight on her legs.She and the calf both survived. Was a lot of work and worry, but I could never standby and do nothing. Think you are doing a wonderful job with such perseverance and dedication, which shows your love of animals.

    13. People involved with race horses when they get sick they walk it off and only go to the doctor just before their heart stops.
      Their horse coughs, takes a bad step, or just doesn’t look right they call a vet and a priest immediately.
      For the most part they are the best in the business.

    14. Having spent about 8 years in the business, I can attest that most Owners, trainers and affiliates of the horse racing industry take exceptional care of their horses; MY god, why would they not, a horse that does not receive the very best care cannot perform at his 100% level and that is their income; However, as in every walk of life there are some people who do not meet professional and/ or ethical standards but that is a very , very few.


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