Disqualified trainer cops extra time


    RACING Queensland stewards have conducted an inquiry into the reasons for disqualified trainer Shaun Gillespie being present at Monarch Farm Stud as identified by stewards on Friday, 16 October 2015.

    Gillespie submitted that he was engaged to transport a colt and seven fillies on behalf of owner I Corrazol from Monarch Farm Stud to Goldrush Lodge.

    After considering all the evidence, Gillespie was found guilty of contravening Australian Harness Racing Rule 259(1)(a), (g) and (h) which reads: “A disqualified person or a person whose name appears in the current list of disqualifications published or adopted by a recognised harness racing authority or a person warned off cannot do any of the following-

    (a) associate with persons connected with the harness racing industry,

    (g) enter any premises used for the purposes of the harness racing industry,

    (h) participate in any manner in the harness racing industry.”

    The particulars of the charges being that on 5 November 2015 at Monarch Farm Stud, stewards identified disqualified person Gillespie loading registered standardbred horses onto a truck for the purposes of delivering such horses to another harness racing stud.

    Gillespie was disqualified for a period of six months.

    When considering penalty stewards took into account personal and subjective factors. stewards also considered the seriousness of the matter and the need for a penalty to serve as a deterrent to Gillespie and the harness racing industry to illustrate that breaching the terms of a disqualification will not be tolerated.

    This term of disqualification will commence at the expiration of Gillespie’s current disqualification deemed to expire 7 May 2016. Gillespie will therefore be disqualified until 7 November 2016.

    Gillespie was advised of his rights of appeal.

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