Social media comments spark steward’s inquiry


    HAVING originally accepted the explanation relating to a driver’s recent performance at Melton, Harness Racing Victoria stewards are now investigating the race further.

    The decision to seek clarification stems from comments made on social media by a stable representative and another identity associated with the stable.

    Chief stipe Nick Murray confirmed the inquiry, which involves a beaten favourite and an outsider which finished at the tail of the field.

    “We are in receipt of those comments and an inquiry has been opened,” Murray said. “We will be looking into it and seeking answers to questions that arise from these comments.

    “We will be seeking clarification to the comments in relation to how the race unfolded.

    “When you tie those comments into the race, it opens up further concerns about that race.”

    Murray also reminded participants that social media – although regarded by many as personal accounts – are public domain once comments are posted.

    “We have a policy in place as far as comments on social media are concerned,” Murray said. “Participants have to be mindful of what they publish on social media, especially if it can be seen as detrimental to the industry.



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