Top trainer fined over ‘bute’


    LEADING horseman Chris Alford has escaped with a fine following a hearing into a positive taken from Stormed Out after its win at Geelong last April.

    Racing Analytical Services Limited reported that analysis of the urine sample revealed the sample contained the prohibited substance phenylbutazone – commonly-known as Bute – and its metabolite oxyphenbutazone.

    The Racing Science Centre in Queensland confirmed these findings in the ‘reserve sample’.

    Alford was subsequently charged under ARHR 190(1), which reads as follows: A horse shall be presented for a race free of prohibited substances.

    Alford pleaded guilty to the charge, with the HRV RAD Board imposing a $3000 fine. Alford was also fined $200 for breaching ARHR 190(1)(b) in that he forgot to record the relevant administration of phenylbutazone in his log book as the administration occurred late at night after returning from the races on March 31.

    In a RAD Board press statement, it was noted: “In deciding an appropriate penalty, the HRV RAD Board considered the nature of the substance involved, other previous cases involving the substance in Victoria.

    “Alford’s evidence of administering 10 ml of the substance in a therapeutic manner almost 8 full days prior to the relevant race and his expectation that the substance would be eliminated in such a time period, Alford’s early guilty plea and co-operation throughout the investigation, Alford’s excellent record throughout his lifetime involvement in the industry and a number of references supplied in support of Alford’s character.”



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